AFR Consulting Launch new Part Time FD’s venture

Specialist financial recruitment company AFR Consulting has launched a dedicated new brand to accommodate an emerging trend for top level finance professionals in the North West SME market.

In today’s climate, many businesses require strategic finance direction to steer them through difficult times or to help them grow to the next level but do not necessarily have the workload – or budget to accommodate a full time member of staff and struggle to make the jump from having just a book keeper or supportive accountants.

As a response to this, North-West based recruiters AFR Consulting has launched, a website that helps provide businesses with top level support from experienced part time finance directors.

AFR Director Phil Scott said: “In the current climate, having someone with the experience (and the battle scars) to overcome financial challenges, without paying a full-time salary, is invaluable.

“We are currently speaking to SME’s and finding that businesses need to bring in this level of support in at a pivotal stage for growth or for general strategic direction of a business, even just in busy but critical times to support their existing team.”

A part time FD can work on a consultancy basis or become part of the team on either an interim or permanent basis. A seasoned FD can give a fresh perspective and can be useful to get hold of finances, improve cash flow or even raise funds, inject motivation and leadership to teams or provide much needed strategic support for directors.
Phil added: “We have registered over 40 North West based Finance Directors which gives us sector specialists in most areas and who have the skills and the experience in to add a lot of value to businesses, whether it is reviewing their existing systems, saving costs and streamlining or introducing new structures and systems.

“For candidates considering portfolio roles they can expect a varied work load and flexible rewarding, working.”

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