Inclusive language

Aug 21 2023

Harnessing the Strength of Language: Fostering Inclusivity in the Workplace

In today's diverse and dynamic workforce, inclusivity has emerged as a vital aspect of creating a positive and productive workplace environment. One of the most ...
Talent Shortage

Jul 12 2023

How to Hire in a Shrinking Workforce: Overcoming the UK Talent Shortage

In recent years, the United Kingdom has been grappling with a significant talent shortage, posing a challenge for organisations looking to expand their teams or ...
employee satisfaction

Jun 13 2023

The Importance of Employee Satisfaction and Ways to Improve It

In today's competitive business landscape, organisations are realising that employee satisfaction plays a pivotal role in their overall success. Employee satisfaction results in: Enhanced Productivity ...
emotional intelligence at interview

May 31 2023

How to Show Emotional Intelligence at Interview

Emotional intelligence refers to the capacity to recognise, understand, and manage one's own emotions, as well as the ability to empathise with and navigate the ...
apply for jobs

Apr 26 2023

Why You Shouldn’t Apply For Every Job You See

Job hunting can be a tedious and time-consuming task. It requires patience, dedication, and a lot of effort. While job search tools can make the ...
Four-day working week

Mar 24 2023

Won’t see you Friday – Things we can learn from the four-day week roll out

I doubt anyone could have missed the big fuss around the four-day week over the last year or so. As the rumblings from the initial ...
Should you ask for a pay rise or not?

Feb 10 2023

Money isn’t everything, until it is – Should you ask for a pay rise or not?

There is a time and a place for everything, including broaching the subject of a pay rise. When is the right time, though, and what ...
Ongoing recruitment crisis

Dec 20 2022

Waiting for the Bubble to Burst – The Long-Term Danger in the Ongoing Recruitment Crisis

There is no doubt that these are strange times when it comes to recruitment. With the candidate shortage likely to continue into 2023, are we ...
Making the most of job rejection

Aug 25 2022

Every Down is an Up – Making the Most of Not Getting That Job

Nobody likes getting the ‘thanks but no thanks’ from a potential employer. Sometimes though, no matter how hard you try, these things happen. It’s disappointing, ...