Hidden cost of hiring

Oct 30 2020

It’s cheaper though isn’t it? The hidden cost of hiring

Not everything is quite as simple as it seems when you look at the cost of hiring. One of the most common questions we are ...
Self development at interview

Sep 25 2020

Context is everything – How to show self-development at an interview

There are some questions that everyone dreads in an interview scenario. Probably top of the list is the where do you see yourself in five ...
mental wellness when returning to work

Aug 25 2020

Why mental wellness is something we all need to consider post Covid

Mental wellness, post Covid, is a much-discussed subject right now, and we are all trying to understand what we need to do to help our ...
work from home (WFH)

Jul 23 2020

Is work from home (WFH) the new normal in finance?

One of the unexpected results of the lockdown has been a sort of mental gear shift about the validity of working from home (WFH) as ...