Bookkeeper Salary Survey

Bookkeeper Salary Survey

The below table details a Bookkeeper’s salary ranges.

We hope you find the salary survey useful. If you are a Bookkeeper looking for a career move or a company looking to recruit a Bookkeeper we’d love to hear from you, contact one of our team today.

Company turnover £m  10 – 25m   25 – 50m 50 – 100m  100 – 200m  200m +
Preston area £17K £18K £19K £21K £21K-£23K
Blackburn / Burnley £16.5K £17.5K £18.5K £20K £21K-£23K
Lancaster / Kendal £17K £18K £19K £21K £21K-£23K
Blackpool £17K £18K £19K £21K £21K-£23K
Bolton £17K £18K £19K £21K £21K-£23K
Warrington £17K £18K £19K £21K £22K
Chester / N.Wales £17K £18K £19K £21K £22K
Runcorn / Widnes £17K £18K £19K £21K £22K
Liverpool £16.5K £17.5K £18.5K £20K £22K
East Cheshire £16.5K £17.5K £18.5K £20K £22K
Central Manchester £17K £18K £19K £21K £22K
West Manchester £16.5K £17.5K £18.5K £20K £22K
South Manchester £16.5K £17.5K £18.5K £20K £22K
East Manchester £16.5K £17.5K £18.5K £20K £22K
North Manchester £17K £18K £19K £21K £22K

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