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Assistant Accounting Jobs

Here at AFR Consulting we have a wide variety of experience in financial recruitment. We have helped various companies find the right staff for a number of years, ensuring that they not only have suitable candidates, but also that these candidates become long lasting, loyal and valuable employees.

Are you searching for the next accounting role? Perhaps you want to secure yourself an assistant accountants job? If you do, then why not see the vacancies that we have on our extensive and dedicated database?

We work throughout the Lancashire area, bringing together various companies in the North West of England with those that are searching for their next step on the career ladder.

What are assistant accounting jobs?

Assistant accountants are responsible for a wide variety of different tasks within any business. Assistant accountant jobs are often the ideal place to start if you wish to secure yourself a career in within the accounting industry.

An assistant account will be required to provide a variety of support to the accounts department, all by completing routine accounting tasks. This could include preparing and maintaining budgets, running reports and completing some of the basic accounting and bookkeeping tasks that are required by the company that you work for.

Thinking that a career as an assistant accountant may just be ideal for you? Do you have experience in preparing a range of financial documents, completing purchase orders or managing payroll? If you do, then it is worth your while to look through all of the Lancashire based assistant accounting jobs that we have on our website.

By securing yourself a role as an assistant accountant, you will gain a vast wealth of experience that can help you to progress through a variety of financial institutions. You will be able to complete a number of financial reports, assisting with budgets and managing company ledgers.

This will give you the basis that you need to carry on and become a fully qualified accountant, or perhaps follow an alternative path within the financial industry.

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Here at AFR Consulting we are an easy to use, dedicated financial recruitment company that are on hand to give you access to a number of different assistant accounting jobs. Whether you are looking to take your first steps on the career ladder, or thinking about moving into a different role, you are sure to find the perfect job out there for you.

We have been working with suitable candidates since 2004, helping them to find their perfect role, and kick-start their career. No matter whether that is within an assistant accountant jobs or any other roles that come within the accounting industry.

No matter where you are in the Lancashire area, , a simple search of our assistant accountant jobs will help you to make the career move that you are hoping for.