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Working within the accounting industry requires a certain level of professionalism. A level that here at AFR Consulting we are proud to achieve. We are dedicated to helping financial companies to find their ideal employees. No matter the role.

We have been working with both candidates and companies since 2004, and over the years we have developed a wide amount of experience in the industry.

Our website is designed to advertise a number of different jobs in the accounting industry, all of which are based in Lancashire and the surrounding area.

One type of role that you will find advertised on our website includes company accountant jobs.

Find a company accountant job in the Lancashire area

Are you already working as a company accountant and looking to make a move to a new company? Or perhaps you are ready to take your first step on this particular career ladder?

No matter the reason why you are looking, you are likely to find your ideal Lancashire based company accountant job with a little help from AFR Consulting.

The company accountant role

The main task of company accountants is to provide a variety of different financial information to the management within a company. They will do this by analysing the accounting data that can be found within the financial records, and then using this data to prepare reports.

As well as this, if you take up a company accountant role then you will be asked to undertake a number of daily tasks.

You may be asked to document financial transactions and recommend appropriate financial actions for the company. It will be expected that you will be able to provide a summary of the current financial status of the company; all by collecting information and looking at reports such as profit and loss.

Auditing financial documents is another common task that is carried out by a company accountant. As well as recommending relevant policies and procedures that relate to the financial actions taken by the company.

A company accountant may also need to secure financial information and reconcile any financial discrepancies that have been found.

Find a company accountant job in Lancashire

If you have the right skills and experience to enable you to secure a company accountant job, then why not take a look through the current roles that we have available here at AFR Consulting?

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So, what are you waiting for? Want to secure the right role for you? We have a variety of company accountant jobs all ready and waiting to be applied for on our website.