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Since being set up in 2004, the team here at AFR Consulting have been working hard to bring together those with financial experience and the companies who need them. With our wealth of experience, we have been able to bright together a number of people with their ideal job.

One of the main reasons for this is our intelligent and easy to use website. We designed the site to be able to provide access to a number of different accountancy and finance jobs. All of which are based in and around the Lancashire and Greater Manchester areas.

There are a variety of roles advertised on our website, including Finance Analyst vacancies.

Finance Analyst jobs in the Lancashire area

The role of a Finance Analyst is important in many different companies, the main purpose of the position is to monitor and study data that relates to the financial status of a company. All before making recommendations based on this particular data.

There are a number of different tasks that those working within Financial Analyst position will be required to undertake. One of the most common is analysing plans, forecasts and collected data to determine financial status. They will also be expected to collect operational data too, to determine the cost of operations.

A Finance Analyst will also be required to understand and enforce the policies and processes that are relevant to the business, ensuring that all staff understand the approaches that they need to take.

Finally, it is usually expected that a Financial Analyst will maintain a database, verifying and backing the data within it.

As a Finance Analyst you will be expected to keep on top of recent financial news, and be able to identify the common trends that relate to the business.

This extensive knowledge will help with career progression and movement throughout different companies.

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Looking for Financial Analyst vacancies in Lancashire and North West area? We have a variety of relevant roles on our website.

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