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Finance Business Partner Jobs

As a professional recruitment agency, here at AFR Consulting we have a wide range of experience working with companies to fill their financial roles.

Set up in 2004, since this time we have been able to advertise a number of different accountancy jobs within the Lancashire area. Allowing people to match their skills and experience, with their ideal financial role.

One of the more recent positions that we have been able to advertise are finance business partner jobs.

Finance Business Partner jobs in the Lancashire area

A finance business partner is an important part of the financial running of any business. They are responsible for looking at ways to improve or change particular departments within a company, creating strategic insights not only into the performance, but also the trends of that department.

It is important that those looking for finance business partner jobs have an understanding of financial reporting, and how it can have an impact on business performance.

They will need to be able to initiate change and ensure that the financial targets of a company are reached, all by following a set of related policies and procedures. Of which they should also have a great understanding of.

Another important aspect of someone who takes on finance business partner jobs is that they will be able to work with a variety of different people within one business. Developing strong working relationships with everyone from senior managers right down the levels of staff.

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If you are looking for finance business partner roles in Lancashire, then you have come to the right place. Take a look through the available roles that we have online, and see if there are the perfect jobs for you. No matter if you are taking the first few steps into a career in finance, or if you are looking to move up the ladder. We can give you the helping hand that you need.