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Financial Controller Jobs

After being set up in 2004, AFR Consulting have been determined to bring together companies with those searching for their next financial career move.

We have worked hard over the years to bring people together with their ideal job. Advertising a number of financial roles on our website, and then helping those who want to apply for them.

Our website is easy to use, and is designed to be able to advertise a variety of accountancy vacancies across a range of companies.

Some of the roles that we advertise here at AFR Consulting are Financial Controller Jobs.

Financial Controller Jobs in the Lancashire area

The role of a Financial Controller can be a varied one. This is why those looking to apply for Financial Controller Jobs should have experience in a number of different tasks.

A Financial Controller will have an impact on the running of the financial department. They will need to report to and assist the Chief Financial Officer, in particular with their accounting activities. They will also be vital in the day to day operations of the financial department.

The key tasks of a Financial Controller is to create reports that will identify results, forecasts and trends that relate to the financial situation of the company. They will need to be able to motivate and lead a finance team to ensuring that key KPIS are met.

Not only this, but it is down to the Financial Controller within a company to suggest updates and improvements to the accounting systems. This covers payroll and invoicing, as well as developing budgets across the company too.

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Know that you have what it takes to become a Financial Controller? We have a whole host of Financial Controller Jobs online for you to look through. You can find them on the website by browsing or searching for the best vacancy for your skills.

We have designed our website to be easy to use and easy to search through, saving you time on your job hunt, and bringing you one step closer to the perfect job for you.

Our team of experts are dedicated and professional. They are focused on helping people to find their ideal financial role. This could be within Financial Controller Jobs, or a variety of other key financial vacancies in a business.

With so many companies advertising their roles with us, all throughout the Lancashire and North West area, if you come to AFR Consulting, you are much more likely to find the ideal job for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to start our your career in finance, or whether you have what it takes to be a Financial Controller, and apply for one of the Financial Controller Jobs. We are the place to help get you on the career path that you are searching for.

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