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Internal Audit Manager Jobs

Since 2004, here at AFR Consulting we have been helping bring together companies within the finance and accountancy sector to find their ideal new employee. We do this by advertising a wide variety of jobs on our website, located throughout the Lancashire and Greater Manchester areas.

One of the roles that we have to offer those looking for a career move or looking to make the next step is Internal Audit Manager positions. The role of an internal audit manager is key to any financial institution, and it is a career that is full of progression, development and not to mention satisfaction.

Internal Audit Manager Jobs in Lancashire

The role of an Internal Audit Manager is to protect the assets of a company. They work with staff throughout the organisation to make sure that all internal procedures are followed and all processes are compliant. They are also responsible for having a detailed knowledge of the regulations that can affect their business.

Some of the expectations of those working within Internal Audit Manager positions are that they will be able to reconcile documentation in an accurate fashion, they should also be able to examine a variety of different documentation including records, reports and statements.

You will also be expected to participate in meetings and report not only the audit process, but any findings and recommendations that you may have for future successful and precise managing of the company.

Another task that comes with an Internal Audit Manager position is the ability to recognise ways to increase profits, decrease costs and protect the company as a whole against fraud.

In order to be a high quality Internal Audit Manager you will need to ensure that you keep up to date with all the latest industry news, in particular the regulations and legislation that relates to business. This can be achieved by attending workshops and conferences on the subject.

One of the benefits of an Internal Audit Manager position is that they are busy and varied. They will keep you learning and developing, and you can be assured that no two days will be the same.

There is always room to develop yourself and establish yourself a career that you can stay in for a number of years. Fast becoming an incredibly valuable and important member of staff within the team and company that you work within.

Finding your Internal Audit Manager Jobs

Do you have the right skills and experience to become an internal audit manager? Want to work throughout the Lancashire and Greater Manchester areas? Why not take a look at the Internal Audit Manager vacancies that are available on our website?

Here at AFR Consulting we are a dedicated and professional recruitment company, helping people to get themselves on the career ladder that they want to climb. As well as giving them the tools they need to find, apply for and secure their ideal internal audit manager role. Ones that they can stay in for many years to come.