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Jobs in Financial Planning and Analysis

When it comes to the successful running of any company, all of the departments will be key.  However, managing the financial health and the heart of the company is vital. This is where those in financial planning and analysis can help.

With such an important part to play in the running of any business, it comes as no surprise that those companies advertising positions in Financial Planning and Analysis will want to ensure that the candidates they recruit are of the highest quality.

Here at AFR Consulting, we are able to bring together people with the right skills and match them with their ideal roles.

We have a number of different vacancies advertised across our website, and since 2004, these have meant that skilled accounts and finance candidates can utilise those skills.

The vacancies that we advertise are spread throughout the Lancashire and North West area, and fit in within a variety of key tasks in any finance department.

Lancashire Jobs in Financial Planning and Analysis

Those who work within Financial Planning and Analysis have a variety of tasks to undertake in any finance department. Their main role is to support the management team within a company with their financial plans. They will be able to identify and evaluate key information, not only recommending actions, but ensuring that these are followed.

To apply for positions in Financial Planning and Analysis you will need to have expert knowledge in financial plans and practices, being able to evaluate and identify potential returns. You should also be able to value assets within the company and build a financial database on the information that you find.

You will also need to be able to prepare a variety of financial reports, and explain fully the information that these provide. Communicating with a number of colleagues within the company.

It is vital that those who work within Financial Planning and Analysis understand how data is to be protected and maintain this approach at all times.

Finding Lancashire Based Vacancies in Financial Planning and Analysis

Looking for the ideal position in Financial Planning and Analysis in Lancashire and the North West? If you are then take a look at the roles available here at AFR Consulting. We have many years’ experience working with companies who are looking to fill accountancy and finance positions, which helps us to ensure that the right people are matched with the jobs available.

It doesn’t matter which role you are looking for. With so many different companies advertising their vacancies, there is a great chance that you will find the ideal match for your skills.

This is particularly true if you are searching for jobs in Financial Planning and Analysis. A rich and varied job, which can help develop all the skills you need and take you further up the career ladder to your goal.

You can take a look through our easy to use website either by searching directly for jobs, or browsing through the current roles that we are advertising.

Either way, you are sure to find vacancies in Financial Planning and Analysis, as well as many other positions across financial roles in a number of companies.