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Part Time Finance Jobs

The team here at AFR Consulting have been working with a variety of companies since 2004. During these years, we have worked hard to be able to match people with their ideal role. We specialise in financial vacancies, in a variety of different companies.

The main way that we bring people together is with our easy to use website. This is designed to advertise a variety of different vacancies, all within and around the Lancashire area.

Both full time and part time accounting jobs can be found on our website. All within different companies that need the perfect staff to help them succeed.

Whether you are just starting out on your career, or whether you have years of experience behind you. Here at AFR Consulting we have a wide range of part time finance jobs for you.

Part time Finance Jobs in the Lancashire area

There are a variety of reasons why someone may want to work part time. Family commitments are often the most common reason.

Many companies throughout the UK are now realising that those who work part time can still bring plenty of value to the company that they work for.

This includes those that work within financial roles.

Whether it is bookkeeping, payroll, credit control or any other financial department. Here at AFR Consulting we are able to bring part time accounting jobs and full time accounting jobs to those who are searching.

Find Lancashire based Part Time Finance Jobs today

Want to find the ideal part time accounting jobs for your skills? Perhaps you have been working in payroll and have recently had a baby that requires you to work part time? Maybe you have years of experience within bookkeeping but you want to start slowing down as you reach closer to retirement.

Here at AFR Consulting, we are sure to have the right part time accounting jobs for you.

We have a variety of different vacancies online, all ready for you to browse or search for, and apply in no time at all.

We are not limited to just financial companies, in fact, plenty of different industries require financial workers to be able to drive them towards success.

This is why those searching for Lancashire based part time finance jobs on our website, are going to find exactly what they are searching for with our help.

With over 13 years experience in recruitment, and a determination to ensure that people who have the perfect skills are matched with companies that need those skills.

Creating a happy partnership that is sure to stand the test of time.

So, whether you are working in payroll, bookkeeping, credit control or any other accounting or finance role, and need to look at part time work. Come to us, and see what you can find on our dedicated and easy to use site.

We have a number of different part time accounting jobs available on our site. All of which are ready and waiting for you to apply for.