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Payroll Jobs

Since being set up in 2004, here at AFR Consulting we have been working with a variety of companies to source the right accounting staff for their business.

We have also been able to help those with the right experience to find the jobs that match these skills.

We have a variety of different roles available on our web site, all of which are available around the Lancashire area.

One of the most common vacancies that we advertise has to be payroll jobs.

Financial Payroll Jobs in the Lancashire area

The work carried out within a Payroll department are amongst the most important in any business. After all this particular team are responsible for paying staff and ensuring that their wages (and any deductions) are properly calculated.

There are a variety of different roles for those who are looking for Payroll Jobs. One of the most common has to be that of a Payroll Clerk.

A Payroll Clerk will be required to keep on track of payroll information, entering any relevant data in an accurate and timely fashion.

They will need to ensure that any changes to the information contained on employees are entered correctly, and that this is reflected in their payments.

If there are any discrepancies with pay, then those working within Payroll Jobs will be required to resolve this, and communicate with the employee.

Above all else, the requirement of a Payroll Clerk is to follow policies and procedures and ensuring that employee confidentiality and data protection is met each and every day.

Starting your career in Payroll can lead to a real variety of different roles, perhaps even finding you becoming a Payroll Manager in the long run.

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Interested in starting a career in Payroll? Think that you have the right skills such as attention to detail, accuracy and great customer service skills? Why not take a look at the AFR Consulting website?

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So, if you are searching for Payroll Jobs in Lancashire, take a look at the vacancies that we have here at AFR Consulting. Whether you are a Payroll Clerk or a Payroll Manager. You sure to find the perfect job for you, and take your next steps towards the job of your dreams.