Practice Accountant Vacancies

Since 2004, the team here at AFR Consulting have been working with a variety of different companies, including accountancy practices who are searching for their ideal candidates.

This will cover all levels of their business including key positions such as Practice Accountant roles.

We have an easy to use website, which holds a variety of advertised jobs that are ready and waiting for the right candidates to apply for them.

All of the roles on our website are found throughout the Lancashire and North West areas, spread from the start of a financial career, right up to the highest levels, for those with the relevant experience.

One of the positions that we see advertised is that of a Practice Accountant.

Practice Accountant Vacancies in the Lancashire area

Here at AFR Consulting we have a wide number of Practice Accountant vacancies that are waiting for the right staff to apply for them.

The role of a Practice Accountant is to play a strategic part on making financial recommendations and reviewing key financial data.

They will need to be able to perform financial reporting and understand some of the key processes and systems that relate to accounting. They should also be able to take on taxation, auditing and business recovery tasks.

For those who are looking to apply for Practice Accountant roles, there are a number of key tasks that would need to be undertaken. You should have experience in managing budgets and financial systems and completing VAT Returns. You should also be able to perform tests to check financial information and maintain records.

Finally, you should be able to detect and prevent fraud and guide or manage more junior colleagues working within the department.

Find Lancashire based Practice Accountant Vacancies today

Believe that you have what it takes to become a Practice Accountant and fill one of the Practice Accountant positions that are advertised on our site?

For a variety of people throughout the Lancashire and Greater Manchester areas, we have the ideal accountancy and finance roles for you to apply for. Matching your skills perfectly and taking you one step closer to the job of your dreams.

We have developed our website to make a job search all the easier. It doesn’t matter whether you use it to browse for jobs, or search for the ideal roles for you. You will still find exactly what you are looking for with ease.

So, if you find yourself looking for a Practice Accountant positions in the Lancashire area, or any other accountancy or finance role for that matter. You will find that AFR Consulting is the right place to come.

With over 10 years’ experience in matching the perfect candidates with their ideal jobs, you will soon find the right match for your skills, and get you even higher up on the career ladder.

We also have payroll jobs, bookkeeping and other financial career options on our website. All of which are based in the North West, and are waiting on the perfect person to apply.

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K Sereice
K Sereice
15:00 15 Oct 20
I would rate this company well for supporting me. I was needing professional advice to know if I was going in the right direction, for a future job role. Sarah helped me with alot of advice. Thank you
Adele Gaskell
Adele Gaskell
19:11 03 Sep 20
Helpful recruiters
Jack Croft
Jack Croft
15:56 06 Aug 20
After completing university during the current global pandemic I thought it would be near impossible for me to get employment, However after finding a very interesting job online and with Tammy guiding me though the interview process I was able to feel more confident in myself and abilities.Again thank you Tammy! 😁
James Thomason
James Thomason
15:36 06 Aug 20
Tammy from AFR was brilliant friendly polite and proffesional. Tammy kept me updated and informed with the progress and feedback for my appication and interviews and I secured the position with the salary I was looking for.Thanks
Magda W
Magda W
18:47 15 Mar 20
I would like to use an opportunity to thank for the support that both Tammy and Sarah gave to me throughout the whole interviewing process. They both made me feel confident in myself to go to the interview as tbh if it wasn’t for them I would have struggled a lot more during the whole process ( never been to one before). Tammy Smith was absolutely amazing !!!!!She made me feel comfortable, provided me with all information I needed to succeed!She is also very warm, super friendly and... approachable, very reliable and informative. Honestly, I cannot thank them enough as they are just perfect career match makers!!!!!AFR Consulting/ Tammy Smith - you are a life changer!!!!Thank you very much!!!!read more
Jo English
Jo English
18:33 12 Mar 20
I had an email to let me know about a job opportunity and after a chat and a video interview that seemed to go really well, I was offered an interview.I cant praise them highly enough as they gave me the self confidence and information I needed and got the job.Three months later, yes it was the right job for me thank you everyone for your hard work.
Karina K
Karina K
23:01 07 Nov 19
Really impressed with AFR Consulting and their speedy effort to find me suitable employment. Tammy and Sarah really had my best interests at heart and the whole experience was much more of personal service than a business transaction as found at other recruitment agencies. I would certainly be using them in the future after trusting them to find me the perfect job.
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