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How to Recruit Accountants

As a leading supplier of accountancy and finance staff throughout the Lancashire region, we can offer over 37 years experience within the financial recruitment sector.  Our expertise and experience means we have an in-depth knowledge of how to recruit accountants and provide total recruitment solutions across Lancashire and the surrounding areas.

Since 2004, we have been helping organisations across Central, East and West Lancashire, South Lakes, Greater Manchester and Cheshire understand how to recruit accountants for their organisations.

Choosing the right accountant is vitally important to the ongoing success of your business.  A talented and motivated accountant can hold the key to your businesses financial future, and getting the recruitment process wrong, could be a costly mistake.

Our consultants have the enthusiasm and insight to find you the perfect individual to run the financial side of your business.  From annual accounts to financial analysis, our       accountancy candidates are of the highest calibre and all destined for great careers within the industry.  We are proud to work with some of the very best accountants in Lancashire.  Our dedication to matching skill sets and personal preferences with every single vacancy, means we really know how to help you to recruit accountants for your business.

How Can We Help You To Recruit Accountants For Your Organisation

We work hard to understand what motivates our accountancy and finance candidates.  Whilst they may have to work long hours, a competitive salary and attractive bonus scheme can help to compensate for this, especially during busy times of the year. But, some of our candidates are moving to find a better work-life balance.  Once we understand what motivates them more, we are best placed to find the right solution for them.

We also appreciate that the positions available to them might offer much more than just an increase in salary.  We will talk to them about every opportunity in detail to ensure we enfranchise them and get them excited about a potential career move.

Because we understand how to recruit accountants, we know that a direct, honest and efficient service is vital to maintain good relationships with both clients and candidates. Accountants are busy people and don’t have time to waste with communication gaps. Keeping the recruitment process efficient and on schedule helps the candidate have confidence in both our  own professional standards as well as the organisation we have put them forward for.

How To Recruit Accountants Of The Highest Calibre

Talented and highly skilled accountants don’t always respond to adverts. They don’t have to seek opportunities because opportunities will come to them. Our network of connections can reach out to the finest candidates and ensure we can source only the very best accountants for your organisation.

If you are looking for a motivated, experienced and professional accountant to help move your business forward, talk to us in the first instance. With over 37 years experience within the finance and accounting sectors, we know exactly how to recruit accountants.  Please get in touch with us on 01254 311133 to discuss your requirements.