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Recruitment of an Accountant

As a leading provider of accountancy recruitment solutions across Lancashire, we have experience of recruiting high calibre staff for roles at all levels, across many sectors.  When it comes to the recruitment of an Accountant for your organisation, we have the experience and insight to find you the right match.

Since our inception in 2004, we have helped many organisations with the recruitment of an Accountant across Central and East Lancashire, South Lakes, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

We work with some of the most ambitious, talented and experienced Accountants in Lancashire and the North West, and work hard to match skill sets and personal preferences to every contract, permanent and interim role we fill across the accountancy and finance sector.

How Can We Help You With The Recruitment Of An Accountant?

Our talented consultants understand that skilled and experienced Accountants are very much in demand.  With the need to offer attractive salaries and bonus packages in order to attract and retain top talent, the recruitment of an Accountant is a serious investment for any organisation.  It is vital to get it right from the outset, to avoid making any potentially expensive mistakes.

This is where the experience of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable accountancy recruitment firm is worth its weight in gold, when it comes to the recruitment of an Accountant.

We have a proven track record for successfully sourcing high calibre Accountants to meet the requirements of our ever expanding client base.  As demand for professional services continues to grow, our network is able to attract some of the very best Accountants in Lancashire.

What To Consider When Thinking About The Recruitment Of An Accountant?

Whether you are looking for a Financial Accountant or Financial Reporting Accountant, a Management Accountant, Financial Controller or Finance Director we work hard to find the very best in the business.

Because we see each of our candidates as more than just a number, we get to know about much more than just their professional qualifications.  We understand that all qualified Accountants will have the certification to prove their credentials, but we will also look at what else they can bring to the table.

As a senior member of staff, your new Accountant will need to fit into the existing company ethos. When it comes to choosing between similarly qualified and experienced individuals, your decision could finally be based on personality or character traits of the individual.

Good commercial understanding, industry awareness, long term commitment and excellent communication skills are all important attributes for an individual who effectively holds the company purse strings.  Being technically skilled as an Accountant and having a high degree of accuracy with numbers, is no longer enough – the successful candidate will also need to demonstrate all of the above as well as being honest, trustworthy and dedicated to the growth of your business.

Because we appreciate the importance of finding the perfect match, we will only supply you with relevant CV’s for your consideration, and look for candidates who are eager to carve out a long-term career within your organisation. Senior staff that remain with you for many years to come and offer a greater return on your investment.