Cloud Computing – migrating to the cloud, what it does and the benefits, Director Phil Scott


Cloud is an increasingly popular tool used by businesses, but many are still unaware of its full potential. We invited Paul Sweeney, MD of award winning The National Cloud to talk to the NWFD Manchester network on how it works.

The Cloud can h help to keep businesses going – and growing, and there are no limits to it – it will expand at the rate your business does and without any major spikes in cash flow or capital expenditure.

So what can cloud do? The cloud is more than just storage for your networks; it can provide software, system backups, infrastructure, desktop hosting and disaster recovery.

It is proving popular because it removes the need for capital outlay on new servers or software by cost spreading with manageable monthly payments and businesses only pay for what they use.

Cloud also offers unparalleled security, accessibility and technical support and it mitigates the potential for breaks in operational work flow through the usual problems – not having enough memory, having too many users and server issues for example.

For the increasing numbers of mobile workforce, the Cloud can provide safe, secure and accessible remote working, with a virtual desktop being accessible anywhere and from any device.

By reducing IT spend and making businesses more efficient, the Cloud is definitely an option that should be considered.

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