Corporate Finance Manager Job Description

Corporate Finance Manager job description

The role of a Corporate Finance Manager is to maximise bottom line opportunities for a business.

Corporate Finance Managers are responsible for identifying and securing merger and acquisition deals, managing and investing large monetary funds, and buying and selling financial products.

The Corporate Finance Manager steers the financial direction of the business, and undertakes all strategic financial planning and reporting to stakeholders.

Corporate Finance Managers handle all aspects of large transactions for a business, including due diligence.

Corporate Finance Manager role, duties and responsibilities

A Corporate Finance Manager will be expected to perform any of the following tasks:

  • Advise on how to meet targets and create investment capital
  • Provide investment advice, tactics and recommendations
  • Generating finance from shares and loans
  • Use financial modelling to predict outcomes
  • Support in targeting and winning business
  • Negotiate and structure financial details
  • Liaise with all parties involved in transactions and assist with negotiations
  • Prepare legal documents and prospectuses
  • Assess and predict financial risks and returns
  • Liaise with accountants, lawyers, financial experts and regulatory bodies
  • Contribute to competitive bid proposals and formal presentations

Person Specification

Typical qualities of a successful Corporate Finance Manager include:

  • Strong financial modeling skills
  • Proven track record
  • Experience at board level
  • Management and leadership abilities