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Accountancy Recruitment Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire. AFR are one of the leading agencies.

If you are viewing the agencies for your accountancy recruitment needs across Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire then please read why we think you should choose us.

  • Specialist agency in accountancy recruitment  (company profile)
  • Experienced consultants with the knowledge and expertise to advise you (meet the team)
  • Competitive rates and a flexible approach to doing business

All of the above is pretty standard so here’s what we do different:

AFR take time to get to know our clients and get a real understanding of our clients businesses.  We want to become an extension to your organisation, knowing the type of personalities that fit into your team and an understanding of why you are looking for certain people, why particular types of candidates will work out and why certain ones won’t.  AFR are not an agency that wants to fill one recruitment need and move to the next, we want to help you develop your team.  If there are any problems early on we stay in contact with our placements to ensure both client and candidate are happy.

All our consultants are trained in Competency Based Interviewing. Using this type of interview technique means we can see if the candidates skills are relevant to the position you are recruiting. It also shows us key transferable competencies that are essential in any job role and may not be immediately visible on the CV.  Training and development areas that would be needed with the candidates can also be identified.

Whilst we are confident our consultants will source you the best candidates, we also feel it is important that our clients select the correct candidates for their business.  To help with this, we hire specialist external consultants and provide free seminars on recruitment and interviewing techniques ensuring our clients feel confident when recruiting.

We also use our extensive network to do our homework on our shortlists, that is why we have an unrivalled success rate. Here’s what our accountants say about us:

“99% of their placements are still in place and working out beyond their initial probation period. In an industry that deals with people and not numbers, it clearly demonstrates an impressive track record of getting it right” Jackson Stephen LLP

We want to ensure our clients are abreast of all HR issues this is why we co-founded the HR Exchange.

Senior finance managers need to be aware of the latest technical issues and economic changes, that’s why we  set up the North West FD Network to help FD’s in their professional development and ensure our clients are equipped with information to help their businesses perform.

To ensure our clients are recognised and are able to attract the best talent we actively sponsor and encourage clients and contacts be nominated for local awards:

By re-investing in our sector and adding value to our services we want to demonstrate that our clients long term success is a priority for us.