There comes a time for each business where a staff member, or team in some cases, are required to manage the finances of the company however, finding these staff is often easier said than done.

That’s where AFR Consulting come in. We provide financial recruitment services in Burnley and surrounding areas across the North West of England.

Specialising in financial and accounting recruitment our team work with companies across the North West to help them find their inhouse financial team. As we have years of experience within the accountancy recruitment industry we know how to find talented, reliable staff members for our clients.

Whether you need clerical staff, ledger clerks, financial controllers or anything in between, AFR Consulting can help.

Our Financial Recruitment Burnley Services

Hiring staff members can be a difficult process, especially in an area such as accounting and finance where the business owner may not specialise in this area. The finance team are also such a vital part of any business, so it is essential that the correct person is found for the job.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry our team are specialists in recruiting experienced finance and accounting staff members for businesses of all sizes and across a range of industries.

Our professional financial recruitment Burnley team have an extensive knowledge of the accounting and finance sector.

We deal with temporary and permanent accountancy and finance positions across Lancashire and surrounding areas and our vast understanding of the financial industry gives us the ability to match the right people with the right job roles.

We can provide individuals that are experienced in:

  • Sales ledger / Purchase ledger
  • Bookkeeping
  • Company Accounts
  • Financial Accounts
  • Finance Management
  • Management Accounts

More information about the financial recruitment Burnley services we provide can be found on our website.

Benefits of Using our Financial Recruitment Burnley Services

Using a specialist financial recruitment agency to find staff members of often a much more reliable and cost-effective method of recruit new finance and accountancy employees.

For example, we already have a range of candidates on our books, so when clients send through a job request we often have many reliable candidates that we can send through to them straight away.

This saves a huge amount of time for our clients who would have been searching for their own staff members, taking time from their busy schedules and away from the work that they should have been concentrating on.

As we are also highly experienced within the accountancy and finance recruitment sector therefore we understand how to find and recruit staff members that will not only be able to perform within their daily tasks but also fit well with the culture of a company.

As we are a director-led organisation we are also able to keep our costs low, so unlike with other recruitment agencies you won’t be facing high commissions or percentages when you recruit with us.

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We are one of the most established financial recruitment agencies in our region and we take satisfaction in having an up to date and accurate understanding of the financial sector. If you are keen to work with a specialist financial recruitment team contact us.

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