If your company has been searching for the next member of your accounting and finance department and hasn’t had much luck, why not consider using our financial recruitment Bury agency?

Our financial recruitment team are dedicated to finding accountants and finance professionals for businesses in Lancashire and Greater Manchester. We work with a variety of people that are qualified in multiple areas of accountancy and are able to recruit for numerous roles.

Why choose our financial recruitment Bury team?

When finding our clients their next accountant, we consider the dynamics of their organisation and the personality of any candidates we think could be right for the position. Moreover, our team will only send candidates that have the correct skillset and that have similar values to those of your business. Because of this, no time is wasted interviewing candidates that aren’t compatible with your company.

Each client is only expected to provide us with information about the position and the type of person they are looking for - we do the rest. This means that you aren’t required to read several CVs and conduct interviews which allows you to focus on other things whilst knowing that we are taking care of finding your ideal accountant.

Contact our financial recruitment Bury team today

If you are ready to use the assistance of skilled and experienced financial recruitment team, get in touch with us today and we can help.

Call our office on 01254 311133 or email us at enquiries@afrconsulting.co.uk and a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions and give you more information about our services.