Financial Recruitment Manchester

AFR Consulting have an experienced and knowledgeable team of financial recruitment experts that have a vast understanding of the accounting and finance industry. Our financial recruitment Manchester team find and recruit individuals that are qualified in any areas of the finance sector.

We provide businesses with inhouse qualified accountants and finance professionals that deal with all areas of finance. Whether you’re in need of someone to prepare accounts or are looking for your next accounting job role, we are the recruitment agency for you.

We have over 10 years’ experience working in the finance industry and are confident that we can find qualified finance professionals that are suited to the requirements of any business.

Advantages of Using Our Financial Recruitment Manchester Services for Accountants

When applying for any job role, it isn’t possible to know if you will fit in with the dynamics of the company you’re applying to. Using a financial recruitment agency eliminates this challenge. We match our candidates to job roles that are specifically requesting their skills whilst taking into consideration the culture of the company and the personality of the candidate. It is our aim that if you come to us as a candidate, you will one day return as a client.

When interviewing and recruiting new staff members it can be difficult to find a candidate that ticks all of the boxes, especially if you are rushing through the recruitment process so you can get back to your usual job.

We’ve seen this problem with many of our clients and have tailored our service around solving this issue. Our aim is provide high quality accounting and finance recruitment services to business across a range of industries.

You submit your CV to our team and we filter through the positions we have available to find the ones that are in need of the services you can provide. Clients list new job roles daily and if a position opens up that we believe is suited to you, we will contact you directly. This takes the hassle out of job hunting because we will put you forward for the roles that are best matched to your personality and skill set saving you the time of searching through hundreds of openings.

Advantages of Using Our Financial Recruitment Manchester Services for Businesses

For any business, the recruitment process is time consuming and stressful. Filtering through application forms and CV’s in order to find a suitable candidate means having to take focus away from the other, more important, aspects of running a successful company. We personally find and recruit candidates that are suited to the position you are trying to fill, saving you time and energy and giving you the opportunity to stay focused on other things.

As our agency already has hundreds of candidates, with many more joining each day, it is possible that we may already have an ideal candidate for any position you or your company has to offer. This means that the recruitment process is quick, allowing positions to be filled sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, in the accounting industry especially, there are several qualifications that accountants and financial advisers can have. Knowing which qualifications are relevant to a role can pose a challenge if you don’t have much experience in the accountancy recruitment sector. Our team has a great understanding of the qualifications needed to full fill positions in different areas of finance, simplifying the entire recruitment process and leaving you with relevantly qualified personnel.

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Since opening in 2004, we have quickly become one of the best financial recruitment agencies in our region and pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service.

We use our up to date knowledge and understanding of the financial and accounting sector to match qualified industry professionals with companies that are in need of their skills.

If you require any of our financial recruitment Manchester services, would like more information or are ready to start a new position in the accounting and finance field, you can call our office on 0161 3593588 or email a member of our team at and we will be happy to have a chat with you and answer any questions you may have.