Finding the right candidate in 2020

As we approach the end of January 2020, many companies across Lancashire shall start to focus on their Financial and Accountancy Recruitment. A new year often brings new budgets, new growth plans and therefore… new staff.

However, this often comes with complications.

In todays job market some employers are finding it increasingly difficult to attract candidates to niche roles. Recruitment and HR professionals need to therefore carefully manage the expectations of hiring managers to ensure that a successful appointment can be made. If you are struggling to identify and appoint the right talent to your organisation, here are some strategies that might help:

Embrace diversity to consider a range of backgrounds and life experiences that would give rise to the right attitude and transferrable technical skills that would fulfil the requirements of your role.

Don’t look for the a candidate that fits your vacancy perfectly, whilst this might be ideal from an employers perspective consider what the candidate has to gain from accepting your role. Allowing for a skills gap in suitability will mean they have more to gain from joining you, will benefit from the training and development you can offer and likely stay longer.

Speak to an experienced recruiter in your market to test whether your requirements are realistic in view of the salary and job description you have.

Other businesses may be competing for the same talent, ensure your benefits and holidays are not out-dated.

Separate essential and desirable requirements, keep the essentials concise by challenging your hiring managers to identify top three most important qualities they need.

Choose your recruitment partners tactically to ensure their specialism and location covers the catchment area for talent you seek. Consider both independent and national suppliers to access the widest candidate pool.

Find creative ways to promote your employer brand and create content that your employees can share with friends, family and their professional network.

In conclusion…

Every company is different, as is every role. Whether recruiting for Purchase Ledger Jobs or looking for Financial Controllers, AFR Consulting are here to offer advice and consultation to all employers looking to improve their Finance and Accountancy Recruitment process.

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