Finding your ideal role in finance.

Managing finances is at the core of all major business operations and decisions. Public and private sector organisations of all environments need to appoint the highest calibre of accountants, financial controllers, credit controllers and other finance managers to maintain effective financial guidance and support. 

Given the high expectations within finance and the competitiveness within the industry, it is vital accountants and financial professionals looking to advance their career are adequately prepared. 

AFR Consulting, specialists in finding accountants and finance professionals the right role, provides the following tips to help accountants and finance professionals find their ideal role. 

1. Focus on the companies you want to work for

When there are many candidates with the same experience and qualifications competing for a role, it is often the person who is the best fit for the company who will be successful. This is why it’s worth taking the time to find a company you really want to work for, whose ethos and goals align with your own. Research the company, get involved in engagement and outreach programmes and start some serious networking. 

2. Don’t overlook personality

You might have years of experience within the finance sector, but do you have the right personality to fit the culture of the organisation you are applying to work for? When applying for positions and researching specific companies, be prepared to adapt your personality so it fits with the culture of an organisation. In other words, be prepared to be a ‘cultural chameleon’, someone who can work well in all types of environments and people. 

3. Tailor your CV accordingly and be prepared to network 

Looking for a new role can be a full-time job in itself. You need to put the time in – making your CV stand out, tailoring each application to the employer and the role and practising your interview skills. You’ll need to network, search and constantly work on improving yourself as a candidate. 

4. Seek out training and resources 

Whilst you are looking for a new role in accountancy or finance, don’t be afraid to seek out relevant training and resources to help fine-tune your skills and knowledge and ensure you stand out above other candidates. 

Resources such as online accounting training, financial management, Excel for financial professionals, corporate training in finance and accounting, financing modelling courses and more, will help you have up-to-date knowledge and information about the industry. 

Being involved in such training will also give your CV a boost, helping you shine head and shoulders above other candidates going for the same position. 

If you are looking to advance in your career in finance, AFR Consulting has years of experience recruiting for accountancy roles and other financial management positions.  We have an established network of clients actively seeking candidates with top-notch accounting and finance skills to help them navigate in the financial world. 

Get in touch with our specialist team of finance recruiters today to put you on the path to securing your ideal position in finance.