• Create the right CV

    Keep it simple – including your personal details, educational history, academic achievements and work experiences. Use bullet points to make your experience punchy and concise, never leave gaps as employers can suspect the worst. It should be intriguing and brief enough to allow further explanation at interview, remember the CV is your first impression.

  • Keep an open mind

    Our consultants deal with different candidates and different vacancies on a daily basis, who better to advise you on your prospects and the type of positions available to you! At times we will challenge and perhaps introduce a career route which you may not have previously thought about. It is important that you trust our judgement. Many candidates have thanked us for providing them with opportunities they may not have initially considered.

  • Be honest with us

    We understand that you may register with other agencies in your search for work and hence may have a variety of possibilities to consider. Please keep us up to date if you are going for other interviews so we can manage our client’s expectations. We also ask that if we speak to you about a position first please tell other agencies that we have already briefed you. We believe in asking candidates about a role before sending a CV – some of our competitors don’t, and this can cause complications.

  • Be prepared

    It is a competitive job market out there, most other candidates going for the interview will have looked at the company website and seen the spec. You need to differentiate yourself and go the extra mile in your preparation, that can make all the difference.

  • Know who you are meeting, and how to get to the venue.

    Do your homework, visit the company website, search the ‘net for other information; read trade magazines and study competitors’ web sites. Get to know the current issues facing the business, and do your research on the person or people you will be meeting. Google, Facebook and Linked-In are great first stops.

    Look at the job spec again to ensure you can provide evidence that you match their requirements. Have examples prepared and ready based on your technical and personal skills.
    Look smart and remember that anyone – from the Receptionist to the Managing Director – can influence the final decision. Be courteous to everyone!

    Be prepared to discuss gaps on your CV; why you made certain moves; and what you could have done better with hindsight.

  • And finally…

    Make sure you give us a call with your feedback immediately after the interview. Some clients will call us within an hour of seeing a candidate so it is essential we know your thoughts before then.