Looking back on 2018

Looking back on 2018…


With us approaching the new year it can be a good time to look back and reflect on the last 12 months. We’d firstly like to thank all of our clients and candidates across Lancashire and Greater Manchester for a successful year. This year we have placed many great people in the accountancy sector including Financial Controllers, Finance Managers, Credit Controllers and Accounts Assistants, all of whom have made a valuable contribution to clients businesses


We’d also like to share one particular milestone, in 2018 our Director, Simon Speak reached 20 years working in Recruitment. But what has Simon learned over the last 20 years…


“What I have learned over the last 20 years of helping jobseekers in the accountancy sector?”


“Over my last two decades in the financial recruitment industry I’ve guided a lot of candidates from one role to the next, here are my most helpful tips:


Improve your chances of success by understanding the job market you are targeting. This means analysing the assets you have (think qualifications, technical capabilities and softer skills) and performing a gap analysis to understand what potential employers will want from their perfect candidate. These requirements may vary depending on a company’s size or sector.


Seek out resources that will help you bridge this gap: training courses, professional qualifications, self-help guides etc.


You may be able to mine great value from your current workplace. Perhaps you can find a mentor, work across departments to build up your experience, or maybe your employer will fund some or all of your development.


Build your CV to become an in-demand candidate with work peers. Be proactive with professional networks and recruiters to ensure more opportunities come your way.


Don’t overlook personality: it’s a significant factor in your suitability for a role. Understand your type as well as the sort of culture you thrive in. Be a cultural chameleon: someone who is able to work well with all types of people.


Sometimes a job doesn’t work out how you had hoped, and that’s ok. Learn from your experiences and remember: a better understanding of what you don’t want can provide valuable clarity of what you do want.”


Simon Speak

Director & Financial Recruiter 

AFR Consulting


Heading into 2019


Starting a new year can be both exciting and scary for clients and candidates whether within the Financial Industry or not. However here at AFR Consulting we wish all of our Financial Recruitment contacts a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!