Making Menu Choices – Looking for a New Job in a Candidate-Driven Market

We are currently living in a very unusual situation when it comes to recruitment. For the first time since records began, there are more open job vacancies than people to fill them. Recruiters and candidates both need to adjust to this phenomenon.

The problem of choice

On the surface, it seems like a dream come true for candidates because not only are there enough vacancies to go around in most sectors, but there are more open positions than people to fill them. On the surface, this makes things look pretty rosy for candidates, and in fairness, they are. If you are a suitably qualified candidate, particularly in an area where the skills gap is also an issue, you are going to be in high demand. However, having a lot of choice can be a problem in itself. The more choice you have, the more chance you have of making a bad one. It’s like being in a restaurant with a very long menu. There are plenty of meals to choose from so you need to decide what you want to eat the most. Just like ordering a meal, once you make a job choice, you are stuck with it… at least for a while.

Filtering choices

When there are multiple options available, choosing the right one gets harder. So, can we suggest you do something as simple as making a list? Grab a pen or fire up the laptop and write down the following to help focus you down on what you want to do.

  • Geography – Where are you willing/wanting to move to for the right role, if at all
  • Your career – Are you happy with your potential career path? (The chances are you are not, or you wouldn’t be considering a move). If not, why not? Write down what’s wrong.
  • What would improve your career path? – Treat this in general terms. Do you need to move to management, are you with the right company and so on?
  • Specifically, what do you need? – Would more responsibility, more training, specific experience, different benefits, and working conditions improve your world?
  • What is your ideal work/life landscape for the next 5, 10 and 20 years? – everyone is different, and all the above are heading towards this final road map for where you want to be.

What you are doing here is roughly breaking down what will create your ideal job. Availability of a suitable position is usually right on top of the list of points above, but as we have already noted, right now, that may well not be the big barrier it sometimes is. There are now other factors to consider, such as how realistic your goals are and other practicalities but, overall, you should now have a more focused approach.

Choosing wisely in a tempting market

Now we have probably narrowed things down, we still need to put it all into the context of the current job market. So here are a few final suggestions.

  • Get a good recruitment partner – This is important. When there is a great big tempting buffet of jobs, you don’t need more to select from, you need the right opportunities. A good recruiter will have adapted to the market and be working with you to introduce you to a selection of potential roles that fit your goals for the future.
  • Don’t fall for the flattery – Ignore the temptation to automatically go for the big, flattering potential offer. Your goals are what matter, not a short-term wage increase.
  • Speak to an advisor about where you want to be – This is the perfect time to fix your career for the foreseeable future, or even perhaps make that jump to a new one. Nobody knows how long this candidate opportunity-based market will last, so make the most of it and plan carefully for your future.
  • Get the right mindset – Don’t fall into the trap of believing there is always another opportunity therefore, it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. Your CV and employment history still matter, and you should really look to make the most of the current situation and find long-term employment that will take you where you want to go.

There is a golden opportunity for candidates to really take full control of their future and their careers. That can include everything from your location to your retirement plans. This employment landscape may well not stay around for long, but it is here now. So, our advice is grab your chance and make the world you want for yourself.

Call us, and let’s look at you where you want to be and see how we can help you get there while the time is right.

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