MMA digital presented at our Lancashire North West FD Network event about the increasing importance and on-going developments of social media and how it can increase your bottom line.

CEO Dez Derry tuned the audience in by starting off with some startling facts.

  • Over 50% of world’s population under 30
  • If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s largest
  • A new member signs up to Linked in every second
  • More than two-thirds (69%) of all Internet users going online through mobile devices
  • More people own a smartphone than a toothbrush
  • 90% consumers trust peer recommendations through web and social media whereas only 14% trust advertising

The changing face of marketing, the web and social media – it is about people and relationships.

Investing in E commerce

Businesses that can sell online should be doing so, early ecommerce adopters are reaping the benefits.

Tips for successful ecommerce sites:

  • PPC – pay per click and Google ad words
  • Needs to be fully responsive, or thumb and small screen friendly
  • Smart design and consistent site navigation
  • Simple no distractions checkout process
  • Free delivery on orders over e.g £50 – expensive delivery most common cause of basket abandonment
  • Options of payment methods
  • M-commerce – shopping though mobile technology

 Add to your bottom line through Linked in

The people you need to be speaking to are more accessible now than they used to be. Through social media it is easy to find out who’s who, who does what within a business and then get in touch.

  • Invest in paid for Linked in accounts

–        £12.95/ month gets you a business account and allows you access to 300 new profiles, contact 3 targeted new contacts per month through in mail

–        A business plus account is £29.95/ month and allows you to contact up to 10 people per month and access 500 profiles

–        An executive account at £48.95/ month allows you to contact up to 25 people and search up to 700 profiles


  • Advertising through Linked in

You can target your ads to meet log in or user criteria of your potential audience. For example if you want to target Barclays – you can have ads that appear when Barclay’s staff log in to their Linked in accounts. It helps warm up leads and introduces your brand before you try to contact.


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