New Year New job – Tammy Smith Director AFR Consulting

Tammy-editIf you are thinking that you have got all you can out of your current role, or find yourself too regularly getting that Monday morning feeling on a Sunday it is a good idea to start considering your future.

The starting place is to think about your ideal job and focus on your ultimate career goal and work backwards from there.

Your CV is the crucial starting point; it is the first representation of you to an employer or recruiter. Consider carefully the job you want and the skills it needs and focus on that rather than just detailing what you do in your current job.

It is a tricky balancing act between keeping it brief and to the point and really selling yourself, your experience and skills.

LinkedIn is emerging as a key recruitment tool. Make sure your profile is up to date and that it is an extension of your CV; get recommendations as they can be really beneficial.

Build a relationship with the right recruiters. If you are looking for a career move as opposed to just needing a new job, this is the way to do things. The perfect role for your progression or a job at that business you really want to work for may take a while to come up but when it does you want to be considered so make them aware.




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