AFR Director Tammy Smith – Why use a recruitment consultancy?

Why use a recruitment consultancy when looking for your next appointment?

Job advert V’s recruitment consultant

Now obviously we are somewhat biased, but using recruitment consultants when making your next appointment has many benefits.

Getting to know you 

We get to know your business so that we can make the perfect match – and the more we know about you, the more relevant CVs and individuals we will put forward. Whether that is the dynamics of your department and management personalities or the growth strategy and benefits packages on offer, all this allows us to give candidates an accurate representation of you to make sure they’re genuinely interested.

Likewise we get to know the candidates, we understand not only their CV and career history but what they’re genuinely looking for – and as importantly – not looking for in a job. We meet and get references for all candidates we represent so we have full confidence in them when we put them forward to you.


Like our strap line says ‘Numbers are your lives, people are ours’ although we’re pretty good at numbers too, many of our consultants have a financial background or have been specialising in the financial recruitment industry.

Use our specialist financial expertise – we know all levels of roles and who’s in them already and we can help build the right job spec to help attract the right talent for your role.

As recruitment specialists with many years experience we have a well developed network and knowledge of candidates on the circuit so can advise on who to avoid recruiting or interviewing. We know the job hoppers and any people there may have been issues surrounding previously.

Time management

One of the major benefits of using an agency is the time we will save you.

  • You won’t have to sift through all the irrelevant and unsuitable CVs – we only send a few, and these are the best suited to you.
  • You won’t be hounded by masses of agency calls trying to take on your advert or be bombarded with CVs that all need responding to.

A recruitment consultant will handle the full process for you from start to finish, from short listing, coordinating times for interviews – at 1st and 2nd stage, and will handle feedback to all candidates.

And it doesn’t end there with agencies as they will also manage the offer process – thinking about the little things, asking the right questions – working with both parties so that when a candidate becomes an employee the relationship is professional and positive from the outset.

 We also offer after-care, checking you are happy with your appointment, and advising on any issues that may arise.


Something that companies don’t necessarily consider is the potential negative impact on their brand of advertising multiple roles. Repeat advertising of roles could appear that your company has high staff turnover or are unattractive employers.

Using an agency avoids having to advertise a role more than once and we know how to present a company making many appointments.


Because we recruit only financial roles, we know our market place inside out and we register only the best candidates. We have an excellent network which includes potential candidates that aren’t necessarily ‘actively’ looking for a move but who could be a perfect match for you.

When you place an advert yourself you rely on people seeing that paper or jobs board at that time, limiting your CV pool.


The recruitment consultant reputation is somewhat tarnished by the perception ‘we only get paid when we place a candidate – so we will send anyone’ but people forget that reputable agencies, including ourselves, offer a protection for your investment, that if the candidate we place doesn’t work for you we’ll find their replacement for no additional fees.

If you were to handle the process yourselves, you could place an advert which you’d pay for up front and not get the right candidate apply. With a recruiter you only pay when you offer the job to the candidate of your choice.

Comments by Tammy Smith, Director at AFR Consulting

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